Town Ordinance
Town General Zoning Ordinance #2011-2
The Town of Manitowoc Rapids adopted Manitowoc County's General Zoning and Setback Ordinance in 2011.
Please reference:
Manitowoc County Code (reference Chapter 8 for General Zoning, Chapter 10 for Setbacks)

General Zoning. Manitowoc County adopted a comprehensive revision of its current general zoning code on November 7, 2011. Any town that did not adopt the comprehensive revision by November 7, 2012, is no longer subject to the county's general zoning ordinance. Appendix A contains a table showing the date on which each town adopted the comprehensive revision.

Town Ordinance Chapter 9 - Public Peace and Good Order
Ordinance #2016-5 to Repeal Section 9.01 and To Repeal and Recreate Section 9.02 of the Code of Ordinances (Discharge of Firearms)

Ordinance #2021-3 Designating Municipal Official to Issue Operator's Licenses

Ordinance #2021-2 Ordinance to Adopt the Wisconsin Municipal Records Schedule

Ordinance #2020-2 Designation of All-Terrain Vehicle Routes

Ordinance #2019-2 Ordinance to Amend Ordinance #2007-1 Pertaining to Mailbox Installation

Ordinance #2016-4 Updating the Town of Manitowoc Rapids 20-Year Comprehensive Plan 

Ordinance #2016-1 Amendment to Public Nuisance (Noxious Weed and Grass)

Ordinance #2013-1 Parkview Road Parking

Ordinance #2012-1 Junk Ordinance

Ordinance #2007-1 Mailbox Installation


2022 Town Resolutions
Resolution 2022-1 Adopting Procurement Policy for Expenditure of Federal Funds

Previous years resolutions are with in that year's proceedings.