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Building Permits

A permit is required from the Manitowoc County Planning and Zoning Department, 4319 Expo Drive, for the construction of ANY structure, i.e., deck, porch, shed, garage, etc. prior to the issuing of the town permit.


A Town building permit is required for all improvements.            


Building Permit Application

Cost of a building permit pertains to the cost of improvement. 

$10.00 - Improvements between $0 to $500            

$20.00 - Improvements between $501 to $2500  

$50.00 - Improvements over $2501 


Additions to existing homes will require inspections. Most additions will require the building and electrical inspections. Plumbing will be required only if new plumbing is being installed.

$265.00 - Building Inspection                           

$165.00 - Electrical Inspection

$165.00 - Plumbing Inspection

$715.00 - New Home Construction Permit 

**The owner/builder MUST complete and provide a copy of the State Permit before a new home permit will be issued.   

A $100.00 fee will be applied if it proof is not provided.  


$100.00 - Address Marker for New Construction       


Fill out a building permit application along with your payment and mail it to:

Town of Manitowoc Rapids

P.O. Box 123

Manitowoc, WI 54221-0123


Or come to the Town Hall on the 2nd Wednesdays of the month (unless otherwise posted) from 5-7pm to receive your building permit.  


Razed Building Permits

This application will need to be filled out if you are tearing down or removing a building from your property.

Cost of the permit is $25.00. Payment can be made to the Town of Manitowoc Rapids and mailed to the above address.


Razed Building Application

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