Recycling Center


Hours - Every Saturday from 8am-1pm


The Town requires the Town’s people to use the printed Town of Manitowoc Rapids clear bags to place their garbage. These bags can be purchased for $1.00 each at the Recycling Center during Saturday hours.


Waste Management Recycling Right Flyer - This flyer informs you what can and cannot be recycled.

Other items can be dropped off and paid for according to the following prices

$1.00 - Printed Bags                   

$1.00 - Garbage Bag Stickers             

$5.00 - Regular Tires                       

$10.00 & Up - Large Tires                         

$15.00 & Up - Tractor Tires                        

$5.00 & Up - Rugs (cut in 6x6ft squares)  

$10.00 & Up - Furniture

$10.00 - Toilet

$5.00 - Sink

$10.00 - King or Queen Mattress

$5.00 - Full or Small Mattress

Building Materials & Misc. - See Attendant for Price

Batteries - No Charge


$10.00 - Computer Monitors
$15.00 - TVs 30” or under
$30.00 - TVs over 30” 
$15.00 - Flat Screen TVs

$30.00 - Console TVs 

Other electronics at no charge:
Keyboards, towers, cords        Scanners
Printers                                Radios, Stereos & Speakers
Copy Machines                      Phones & Cell Phones
VCR & DVD Players                 Typewriters
Fax Machines                        Microwaves


Dehumidifiers                        A/C Units

Refrigerators                         Fluorescent Light Blubs


**L/P Propane tanks must have at least six holes in before the Recycling Center will take them.



More information about recycling in Manitowoc County can be found on the Manitowoc County Recycling Center website: